I took a break from posting grumpy painkiller-stoned teen posts on facebook to ask for recommendations for “driving music,” because while I have a 1500+ “favorite” song playlist on spotify, I find myself skipping most of it these days and I don’t want to spend most of the 30 hours of my birthday drive doing that or putting Dory Previn on repeat. Not that there’s anything wrong with putting Dory Previn on repeat. In fact, I put two Dory Previn songs on the new playlist I’m building out of the recommendations I’ve gotten from friends, so there’s a chance I’ll come home having listened to “Lady with the Braid” and “Angels and Devils the Following Day” 200 times each. Oh well!

Ted Hawkins – Sorry You’re Sick

Elyse Weinberg – Houses

Sports – Sunchokes

Cocteau Twins – Pitch the Baby

Nick Drake – Northern Sky

Galaxie 500 – Parking Lot