I’m not sure what influenced this decision. I rarely watch movies lately – I’m more likely to be found in front of bad bad bad pop television, usually from the early 2000s, like, um, Prison Break, which I just finished (at the end of every episode I swore I was done and yet I devoted my attention to four seasons of that mess), and, actually, now that I’ve started this sentence, I think the fact that I’ve been watching so much bad tv is the reason I want to revisit the movies I love. Have loved. Do I still love them?

I know 20th Century Women just came out, and I’d feel strange, usually, about labeling any movie as recent as a 2016 movie is in 2017 a “favorite,” but this feels, you know, special. I almost drove to Akron to see it when it was still playing – and Akron is a long drive for a movie now, understand, especially when I won’t drive ten minutes to the theatre across town anymore, even now that they have new! luxury! recliners! – but opted not to because I do not trust my instincts about media anymore. This was a bad choice.

What I feel about this movie is difficult to explain – or maybe it isn’t, maybe there are other blog posts that do a better job of elucidating how it is a 30 year old woman in 2017 Ohio can feel like I do about a movie about women in 1979 Santa Barbara, but I don’t think it is a stretch to say it feels like a movie out of time, though of course you could not pull Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise” speech out of Donald Trump’s mouth and “Don’t Worry About the Government” by the Talking Heads will never be as contemporary. We are missing out on something because of this as a culture, maybe, and still something about the way these characters experience community through music, through literal physical home-building, and through chosen, non-genetic family resonates.

And it meant something to me, personally, to watch a young character struggle with the identity crisis that often attends female reproductive disease.

This is a bigger topic than I want to discuss here, and this was a movie that ultimately made me feel good about life (not exactly hopeful, not quite), and that subject – well – it doesn’t make me feel anything near good, so.

Another time, maybe. Or not!

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