Enough of that! Did you know that music has come out this year? This month, specifically, and it has been good? After these past few years, when I seemed to not listen to anything new until it had been out for years, this seems like a miracle!

But first, these photos, because they are proof that I am, in fact, alive, sort of.



I have talked about Fleet Foxes’ Crack-Up; it is good, still – I haven’t tired of it like I did, quickly, of Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy (sorry, I guess, for putting these two in opposition like literally everyone else, but – )

“-Naiads, Cassadies” is wonderful, both as a conclusion to “Cassius” and on its own. There are lines – mostly the entire first verse or so, if I’m being honest – that I am sometimes not sure I can handle. You know.

Someone asked me if they should listen to H. Hawkline because I haven’t been listening to anything other than this album at work this week, pretty much. My answer was “yes, I guess. he is fun, kind of easy,” and that is still how I feel, and I am thankful that he is easy. and fun. Sometimes I feel as though I have to fight my way into the music I listen to (although – let me be clear – that has been a criticism leveled against the new Fleet Foxes and I absolutely do not feel that way in that case), and this album, when I put it on, is a welcome intervention of accessible, um… good vibes? I dunno. You see where I’m going with this.

This came out in June, too, didn’t it?

And this too? Jesus.

Okay, this album came out in May. June was feeling a little overloaded.

Some good brass here.

And this was February.

This too.

And this? February’s too short for this.


God, and there are still so many months left in 2017. I’m going to spend so much money on music this year. I’ve got a lot to make up for, I guess.