I don’t remember when I started judging the quality of my year based on the music I listened to most while it was happening. I’m thinking probably around the time I signed up on last.fm. I do it, though, and every year it gets a little more embarrassing. And this year?

This year I outdid myself. This is the top 8 of a person who… well, if I was the me I was at 14, this is what I’d be listening to. I convince myself sometimes that my taste in music has changed, but deep down I am apparently still the kid who takes out an ‘N Sync cd to stick something by Loudon Wainwright III or Coal Chamber in its place.

I don’t remember listening to any of this as much as I supposedly did, but I don’t doubt that I did.

Here’s what I’ve been liking lately, now that I’m not using easy music to comfort myself through an arduous thesis revision.

Wand – “Fire on the Mountain (I-II-III)”

If I was forced, for some reason, to choose an album of the year (and no one would ever ask me to do that, because everyone knows I don’t listen to “new” music very often), I’d have to pick Cory Hanson’s The Unborn Capitalist from Limbo.  Through wearing that out immediately upon the record showing up in the mail, I remembered how much I love Wand. I don’t know how I forgot, and I’m sure my co-workers really wish I’d play something else.

Protomartyr – “Cowards Starve”

The Jesus Lizard – “Blue Shot”

This is by no means my favorite Jesus Lizard song but it came on while I was getting ready for work recently and immediately got stuck in my head.

Xiu Xiu – “Wondering”

Gang of Four – “To Hell with Poverty”

 Sick of it All – “Friends Like You”

Phil Ochs – “Love Me, I’m a Liberal”

If the Phil Ochs didn’t give it away, and the Sick of it All and Gang of Four didn’t make it clearer, I decided I was angry enough post-election to curate a very on-the-nose playlist, which I played and played and played.


And played. Etc.